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Team Registration

Please go to the following Google Document Link and initialize your plans for participating in the 2018 Portage Invitational. Also note the following important dates/deadlines.

Google Link Below


Information and Important Dates:

The cost of the invite $125 per gender for High School teams and $85 per gender for Middle School teams.

If your team participated in the 2017 Portage Invite, we will guarantee your spot if you register by March 31, 2018.  After March 31, 2018 We will open up to all teams until we meet our capacity for our divisions.

Coaches or A.D.’s must complete the Google form” from the link above  to save your team’s spot for the 2018 Portage Invitational. Once the “Google Doc. Invitation” is completed/submitted, an automatic reply confirmation will be sent to your email. **Make sure to print and review your confirmation for accuracy**.   Upon completion of the form, your team will receive an invitation on athletic.net with in 2 weeks. 

Athletic.net Invitation – Deadline September 1, 2018. After completing the Google Doc. Invitation, coaches will receive an Athletic.net message. This allows coaches to submit their rosters. The Athletic.net invitation will be sent within one week after completion of the “Google Doc. Invitation”.

Athletic.net Roster Submission – Deadline September 14, 2018. Coaches must submit their participating roster by September 14th. After September 14th, Athletic.net will close but will re-open for roster adjustments (September 19th-21st).

Thank you for your participation in the 2018 Portage Invitational. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Brian McDaniel, Mac’s Sports Timing