We strive for excellence to ensure an incredible event experience for the student athletes, coaches, spectators and community fans.  Any questions can be directed to Carrie, the event director at portageinvitational@gmail.com.  Thanks!

Saturday, October 9, 2021

2021 Race Start Time Schedule

8:15  Glory Days XC 5K Race (report 8:05)


Divisions 3 & 4

9:00 Division 4 Varsity and JV Women (report 8:50)

9:30 Division 3 Varsity and JV Women (report 9:20)

10:00   Division 4 Varsity and JV Men (report 9:50)

10:30   Division 3 Varsity and JV Men (report 10:20)


Middle School

*Varsity is considered the top 10 runners on a team.

*JV is considered all other runners not in the top 10.

11:00   Middle School Girls Varsity (report 10:50)

11:20   Middle School Boys Varsity (report 11:10)

11:40    Middle School Girls JV (report 11:30)

12:00 Middle School Boys JV (report 11:50)


Divisions 1 & 2

12:30 Division 2 Women (report 12:20)

1:00 Division 1 Women (report 12:50)

1:30 Division 2 Men (report 1:20)

2:00 Division 1 Men (report 1:50)

2:30 Division 2 Reserve Women (report 2:20)

3:00 Division 1 Reserve Women (report 2:50)

3:30 Division 2 Reserve Men (report 3:20)

4:00 Division 1 Reserve Men (report 3:50)

Parking and Drop Off Information
This is a very large event with crowd sizes between 15,000 and 20,000 people.  There will be traffic congestion so plan ahead to ensure your team and spectators arrive with time to spare.


Teams should plan on entering Moorsbridge Rd from the South off of West Centre Ave.  Proceed North on Moorsbridge Rd and enter the Moorsbridge Elementary School Driveway.  Parking attendants will direct you where your team can unload.  There is no parking available for Team Buses at this location.  There is limited parking for Team Vans just to the North of Portage West Middle School on a first come basis.  Team Buses shall exit and proceed North on Moorsbridge Rd to Romence Rd.  Heading East to Sears Drive and enter the Crossroads Mall.  Shuttle service FOR BUS DRIVERS and COACHES ONLY will be available to and from Crossroads Mall.  There is no parking or shuttle service available for the general public at the mall.  Please encourage your team's super-fans to plan accordingly.


Handicap Parking is available in front of Portage West Middle School with a valid Plate or Placard.  Visitors can choose to park adjacent to the event at Portage West Middle School or Moorsbridge Elementary for $10.00/vehicle.  Those leaving will need to pay again to re-enter the lot. 

There is an abundance of free street parking surrounding the event.  Short walks of 5 to 10 minutes should be expected.  The Portage Invite has three shuttle golf carts that patrol the street parking to help those in need.  We unfortunately do not have this as a service you can call or schedule.  If you happen to see one, feel free to flag it down and request a ride.

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