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Meet Information

Portage Invitation 2014
Saturday, October 10, 2015


MEET DIRECTOR: Dan Hartley (hartleyharrier@gmail.com)

HOST COACHES: Matthew Swanson (mswanson@portageps.org Portage Northern) Mike Northuis (mknorthuis@ppps.org Portage Central)

MEET REGISTRATION MANAGER: James Murray (jmurray@portageps.org)

Coaches, please download the following information:


2014 Portage Invitational Time Schedule
8:15        Glory Days XC 5K Race (report 8:05)

Divisions 3 & 4
9:00        Division 4 Men (report 8:50)
9:30        Division 3 Men (report 9:20)
10:00      Division 4 Women (report 9:50)
10:30      Division 3 Women (report 10:20)
11:00      Division 3 & 4 Reserve Men (report 10:50)
11:30      Division 3 & 4 Reserve Women (report 11:20)

Middle School
12:00      Middle School Boys (report 11:50)
12:20      Middle School Girls (report 12:10)
12:40      6th Grade Boys and Girls (report 12:30)

Divisions 1 & 2
1:00    Division 2 Men (report 12:50)
1:30    Division 1 Men (report 1:20)
2:00    Division 2 Women (report 1:50)
2:30    Division 1 Women (report 2:20)
3:00    Division 2 Reserve Men (report 2:50)
3:30    Division 1 Reserve Men (report 3:20)
4:00    Division 2 Reserve Women (report 3:50)
4:30    Division 1 Reserve Women (report 4:20)



  1. Race numbers with D tags (2 per runner – All High School Races, 1 per runner – Middle School)
  2. Box assignments
  3. Course map

There is no need to declare your varsity runners. Any of your 7 runners who were registered may run in the varsity races. You do not need to designate who these runners are. All other runners will run in the reserve races.

Runners must wear the bib on the FRONT of their singlet so that it is visible. 4 pins have been provided for each bib. Bibs may not be altered, such as cutting, folding or wrinkling.

Please Return ALL UNUSED D-TAGS to the registration tent


Athletes may preview the course throughout the day. Please ask your runners to move off the course when other races are competing.

DO NOT CROSS ANY TIMING MATS WHEN PREVIEWING THE COURSE. If a person wearing a chip crosses the timing mats while previewing the course, this could create errors in the scoring and timing of the races.

MICHIGAN UNIFORM RULES: Regarding uniforms, tights and undershirts must be of a single solid color, and match all other team members. Hats and headbands must also be of a single solid color, but do not have to match teammates. Watches are permissible. If you should have questions please ask one of the starters prior to your race.


  • Please redeem your Results Ticket at the Registration tent, you will be provided one copy of results for your races.
  • Results will be posted online immediately as each race finishes atwww.portageinvite.com.
  • We plan to have awards about 45 minutes after the start of each race. Awards will be on the hill near the tennis courts.
  • 7 t-shirts to each team courtesy of the Portage Invitational, Brooks, and Gazelle Sports.
  • Trophies to top three teams in each division, including middle school and 6th grade races.
  • Championship Brooks Podium shirts to the winning team (7) in each varsity division, middle school and 6th grade.
  • Medals to the top 50 in all races.
  • Results tickets – please present these to pick up a copy of the results for your race.
  • 6th graders may not run in the Middle School race due to MHSAA insurance liability. They must run in the 6th grade race.